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Our Story

Our Story begins in Wormer, The Netherlands back in 1838. We, the Kaskes Family, began a baking tradition that continues through present day now in two countries. The Kaskes Bakery is still flourishing in The Netherlands as are we here at Hillcrest Bakery in the United States.

Peter Kaskes learned the art of baking in the Netherlands from his father. Trade techniques and old family recipes were taught to Peter from just a young boy through early adulthood.

Then, Peter met the love of his life, Leida. His Boy Scout troop and her Girl Scout troop got together to perform a folk dancing routine for a Carnival Festival. After their folk dance routine for Carnival had ended, Peter asked to walk Leida home. They were together from that day forward.

Peter and Leida married just after WWII and moved to Vancouver, Canada. They had six beautiful children there as Peter mastered his skills as baker. Peter wanted to own a bakery but didn’t have the opportunity to in Vancouver, Canada. He learned of Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell, Washington, USA that was looking for a skilled baker.

Peter worked at Hillcrest Bakery for a short while and got the opportunity to buy it. In one package deal he and Leida bought a house, a car and Hillcrest Bakery from the previous owner in 1965. They raised their six children in Bothell and taught them various aspects of the baking industry.

Today, we have three generations working at Hillcrest Bakery. Leida, her sons Peter and Bob, her daughter Barbara and her grandchildren Neal and Chazz are all devoted to the quality, tradition and artistry here at Hillcrest Bakery. We all enjoy making life in Bothell just a little bit sweeter.

–The Kaskes Family

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